Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Art is everywhere

5-14 In August
Folstone, Kent, U.K.
Welcome to the land where art meets faith, dreams meets realism and beliefs meet hope.
First of all, I didn’t consider my self as an artist. I don’t sing, I don’t paint but I I can feel something different in the air every time others singing or painting. So, that happened when I came up with people who feel the same way like me. I am referring to you guys who make me change the way I am feeling for my self. Because now, I can feel the art running through my veins and my heart doesn’t beat the same. Because art is notjust word it's a lifestyle, it's an ideology. Art is everywhere!

You don’t have to be a painter, musician. Singer to called artist. All of us have the right to called artists. Either you believe it or not your soul isn’t the same with the others. You have something special, something like no one can copy it. Because you do not belong in this universe. You came from the Milky way to Mars, from the sun to reach the moon. That’s why you are not understand from anyone. Not even from your parents, your friends, your social cycle. But don’t give up, because this youth exchange was there to show that you are not alone. There are people like you who wanted to meet you and share the passion for arts. Certainly, in these 10 days you have found someone who can call alter ego. …. I heard you were focusing little more on soul and worrying less about what the other say. Well, that’s wonderful!

You know three months from now you will be in a completely different space, mentally, spiritually and financially. However, these days we spent together have already stay in our hearts and it is almost impossible to be forgotten. Because these 10 days we were just us and our art. Nothing else in the middle. No worries, no insecure, no regrets. We gave to each other inspiration like no one gave us. From the first time we have met, we have seen the light passes through our eyes. It was a magic moment because our souls became one and something unexplained happened in the atmosphere. This is karma’s job. And  this time was meant to be…

Thank you guys for these spiritual, artistic moments!


*The cover photo is from a new artist called Rovaneche. You can see his work in this link

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